Signs Your Dog Is Getting Sick

It’s easy to tell if a human is sick: we cough, we wheeze, are constantly sniffing and we’re likely very vocal about “catching a cold” or about “the sickness that’s going around”. However, dogs aren’t able to talk about their condition, so how can we tell if they’re sick? In this blog, we’re going to talk about several ways you’ll be able to tell if your dog is sick or getting to the point of being sick.



Believe it or not, not all dogs drool so if you spot an unusual amount of saliva on the floor or in your dog’s food bowl, you may be dealing with a sick dog. Bad breath is enough of a problem as it is, but it could be a sign that they aren’t getting the proper nutrients they need to stay healthy. You should see a vet about this.



Like humans, dogs don’t always enjoy eating when they’re sick. Dog food is dry, and when a dog is sick, their body will be craving a lot more water and a lot less food. Keep an eye on your dog’s food bowl to see if they’re eating the way they normally do.



Even the most energetic dogs will act tired when they’re sick. Most dogs will spend a lot more time in bed when they’re sick and a lot less time interacting with people or outside in the yard. If it gets too bad, you may want to bring food and water to your dog so he/she will stay nourished and hydrated.



Dogs with high anxiety will often pant or pace around a lot when they get sick because they feel off and aren’t really sure what’s causing it. If your dog is acting this way, sit with them and try to comfort them and see a vet as soon as possible.



Although it’s not easy to tell what your dog is thinking, if your dog is throwing up or not eating like usual, it’s a pretty good sign he/she has an upset stomach. This can be a sign that your dog is sick or just needs a change of diet. For more information about your dog’s food and when it’s a good or bad idea to get prescription dog food, read our blog.



As dog owners, we know our pet’s personality and we notice something that’s off about them, we have good reason to assume they’re sick. If you think your dog is sick, take them to see our veterinary experts at VetCare Pet Clinic. We offer complete care for your dog or cat and feature onsite emergency, surgical, laboratory and pharmacy services.


We also provide very affordable spay and neuter services for your cats and dogs. These services not only prevent reproduction, but they also protect your furry little friend from several forms of cancer and multiple infections. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions or concerns!

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